Underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating – Affordable Luxury

When asked how best to heat new homes (and those being renovated) we often recommend underfloor heating!


Because of the many benefits. Here are just 5: 

Heat is evenly distributed – exactly where you want it. No more cold draughts around your feet.

It is hidden from view – leaving walls free for furniture, lighting and pictures, and making it ideal for large, open-plan areas and those with lots of windows.

There is no noise – with no air being blown around, it is completely silent.

Versatility of power source – choose from air-to-water, or from gas-, diesel- or wood- fuelled boilers.

Economy – underfloor heating is more economical than other radiant systems, saving you money throughout the year.

These reasons are why underfloor heating is becoming highly desired by homeowners and house builders alike.

So before you install a new heating system, ask us for independent advice about what’s best for you and your situation.